Utilising Health Data: Feel Electric’s Secret to Supercharging Health Results

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Utilising Health Data: Feel Electric’s Secret to Supercharging Health Results

Feel Electric are a health technology company on the cutting edge of the fitness industry. We provide EMS training, Nutritional Support and Accurate Body Composition Analysis. Through our revolutionary approach to data collection and utilisation we can provide pinpoint accurate methods to improve your health and fitness regardless of your health goals.

A Health Technology Company, Emphasis on Technology

Feel Electric are a Health Technology Company. We take the technological aspect of that label so seriously that we’ve created our own, bespoke, software platform that helps us offer one of the most informed, innovative, and data-driven approaches to improving a person’s fitness and wellbeing. Throughout our entire offering of services, every step of the customer’s journey is enhanced through carefully collected and utilised data points. What this means is, any piece of technological equipment used in a Feel Electric Studio or affiliated with Feel Electric has the capacity to record crucial data that informs our offerings in crucial ways to help members get the very most out of their workouts and any nutritional advice received. Our Members agree that our approach is working:

Data Driven Appointments 

Picture yourself starting your journey at Feel Electric. Before you even step into a studio, you’ve filled out a short questionnaire, information is extrapolated so our Personal Trainer can greet you with the correct programme offerings for your needs. Following this, you’ll receive a full body composition analysis scan on a Feel Electric Body Scanner. This records over 200 data points converted into 45+ digestible Metrics in detail about your body composition including: Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Cellular Health, Body Fat Percentages, Extracellular Water Ratios, Protein & Mineral Levels and even visceral fat levels, the fat around internal organs which cannot be monitored through regular at-home tests.  

Once you step away from the scanner and walk the two meters back into the studio, the Trainer is waiting with your scan data already on their tablet. They will give a detailed walkthrough of each metric and what it means for you, as an individual. A scan at each session can enable continuous progression by preventing areas from plateauing by allowing an early warning of when results are not progressing in core areas, which will allow guided alterations to your programme to help circumvent this. Furthermore, as your fitness journey progresses it is vitally important to be able to keep an accurate track of your of your progress as people who do monitor even just their weight tend to lose up to 32% more than those that don’t, with our suite of additional metrics, imagine how much more progress you can make than even that in your own goals?

This is not the only example of how data drives best fitness practices however, our EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) training utilizes the data from the body scan, so our trainers know where to increase the electrical currents most to get the results clients want. The levels of impulse are logged and tracked so they can be improved upon and demonstrate progression to clients. 

Effective nutrition, by the numbers

All this data, from health metrics to accurate segmental analysis of an individual’s body composition of muscle, fat and bone to information about the intensity of regular exercise undergone by our members, further serves to inform our nutritional programme. Our nutritionist accesses client’s health data to accurately calculate and formulate meal plans on an individual basis for our clients. These meal plans are then prescribed in 1-2-1 consultations along with other dietary advice to clients. Through this data analysis, our clients can be certain that they are matching their nutritional requirements and that their recommended calories and macronutrient intakes are as accurate and unique as possible as every individual has different bodily needs. Furthermore, as clients log their food intake on our website, this data is fed back into our systems so our nutritionist can track progress to ensure the best possible outcomes for each client.

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Wearable Technologies Supercharging Data Utility

As we take steps into the future, we look forward to our plans to enhance these offerings with consistent data collection through wearable technologies that can observe data such as heart rate, blood pressure and calories burnt through exercise outside of our studios to provide a truly holistic and all-encompassing fitness offering. The future of the fitness space is through these wearable technologies being integrated into an established, data-led and technologically sound programme platform such as our own and we are exceptionally excited to continue that development into bespoke, tailored fitness solutions for individual people.

Experience the benefits of Feel Electric with a Free Trial and order your first Body Scan online with No Commitment. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals through our innovative approach to EMS Training, Nutrition guidance, and detailed full body composition analysis. Stay active and prioritize your well-being with Feel Electric today!