EMS Health Treatments

EMS Weight Loss

When you want to lose weight, working out for hours lifting weights or pedalling on an exercise bike aren’t the most effective methods. Try EMS training with Feel Electric and you’ll see and feel the weight shifting faster than with any conventional fitness methods. You won’t have…

EMS Training

Feel well inside and out when you try Electro Muscle Stimulation training with Feel Electric studios. In an EMS session of only 20 minutes a week you’ll start to transform your physical fitness and mental health for good. You’ll feel fitter with improved strength, speed, endurance, and increased…

EMS Body Toning

Build a more toned physique using effective EMS body firming treatments at Feel Electric. See visible results of a firm body quicker with Electro Muscle Stimulation training. EMS can target the deep muscle layers that are hard to reach with conventional fitness workouts, so you get the maximum toning…

EMS Menopause

Feel Electric EMS Menopause Treatments provide an innovative and natural health transformation for menopausal women who want help dealing with the difficult symptoms of menopause. EMS can help relieve: Anxiety, Depression, Menopausal weight gain, Low energy, pain…

EMS Physiotherapy

EMS physio treatment at Feel Electric clinics delivers pain relief and injury recovery that works fast. Whether you’re hurting after surgery or suffering from long-term lower back pain, Electro Muscle Stimulation physiotherapy will accelerate your recovery. Healthcare physios…

EMS Injury Rehabilitation

When you’re recovering from an injury, it can sometimes feel impossible to find low impact exercises that help you recover but don’t aggravate your injury. With Feel Electric EMS however you can get back into exercise safely using the latest Electro Muscle Stimulation…

EMS Back Pain Relief

Feel Electric EMS physiotherapy sessions will strengthen your back muscles to deal with existing back pain and help prevent future pains in your back. Repair weak back muscles while adding lean muscle in the upper and lower back areas while strengthening supporting muscle…


Feel Electric with the Latest EMS Training

EMS Training

Exercising using Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) will help firm and tone your body quicker than any conventional fitness methods. Try Feel Electric’s low-impact EMS workout programmes and you’ll transform your fitness with regular workouts of just 20 minutes a week. Whether you’re new to fitness or an athlete looking for the latest fitness gains, our EMS training at Feel Electric is a safe, pleasant, and time-efficient method of getting fitter faster.

What is Electro Muscle Stimulation?

Electro Muscle Stimulation or EMS training is scientifically proven to maximise your workout. EMS fitness sessions activate all of the major muscle groups, fire up your metabolism and help you firm and tone your body. At our Feel Electric studios, you’ll wear clothes powered by the latest bodytec equipment that send low frequency electrical impulses to your muscles forcing them to contract and develop. The type and intensity of your 20 minute electric muscle training session can be suited to your individual needs and will be controlled through an EMS device by our fully certified trainers.

EMS Training Male & Female Fitness Workouts

How You Benefit from Feel Electric EMS

An EMS workout at Feel Electric is ideal for every fitness level from complete beginner to advanced athlete. Whether you’re preparing for a wedding, recovering from an injury or want to work on hard-to-reach areas like belly fat, a low-impact EMS personal training workout in our safe Feel Electric studios will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Just 20 minutes of Electro Muscle Stimulation training will help you achieve similar results to a 2-hour HIIT (high intensity impact training) session.

  • See clear and quick improvement in your body shape as EMS fitness strengthens the connective tissue, accelerates blood circulation, and promotes cell metabolism, reducing skin sag and cellulite to firm and tone your body.

  • Increase your lean muscle mass with Feel Electric EMS training that is 40% more intensive than traditional strength training as well as improving endurance and fitness levels by up to 69%.

  • Transform your weight loss programme including abdominal fat as you burn up to 500 calories during a single EMS personal training session, increase blood circulation and see improved body posture with a metabolism burning more calories even when you’re resting.

  • Speed up injury rehabilitation and benefit from pain reduction including back pain as EMS works on the muscles directly.
  • Our low-impact EMS fitness sessions put your body under less stress and strain than traditional workouts but work more effectively scientifically researched moves designed to work the whole body.

  • Our Feel Electric EMS body relax programme reaches deep-layered muscles and provides a holistic health solution that reduces stress and removes metabolites.

  • In our safe and relaxed EMS training environment all the equipment you need will be provided and there will be no need to queue for weight machines or barbells like conventional workouts.

  • Encouraged by the friendly support of our expert EMS trainers using the latest bodytec equipment you’ll benefit from a premium and personalised wellness experience.

  • As only one training session is required every week, you’ll always be able to afford a Free Electric EMS workout.

Feel Stronger with the Features of Feel Electric EMS

Want to lose weight or tone and firm your body? Recovering from injury and want a low impact workout that delivers amazing fitness results? Looking for an edge in your workout programme? Look no further than Feel Electric EMS.

The Electro Muscle Stimulation programme from Feel Electric will transform your body in just 20 minutes a week using sophisticated market-leading technology from Miha bodytec to deliver the fitness results that you’ve always wanted. Enjoy quicker toning and firming results than traditional fitness methods like HIIT sessions or weight training at the gym in a safe 1-2-1 and 1-2-2 training environment. If you want a low impact high-efficiency fitness and wellness programme, then join the Feel Electric EMS revolution and make a real difference faster. The EMS Training features available at Feel Electric allow you to:

  • Target individual muscle groups and cover all the major muscle groups to add muscle faster and more effectively.

  • Personalise your workouts by adjusting the training intensity on the EMS bodytec device so you achieve personal training goals quicker and more efficiently.
  • Continue with your favourite workout routines from yoga to Zumba while still getting all the health and wellbeing benefits of focused EMS training.

  • Focus on specific muscle areas to speed up injury rehabilitation and get back into shape faster.
  • Target problem body areas with EMS and tighten connective tissue to improve your body shape.
  • Increase your basal metabolic rate (BMR) so you burn more calories even when you’re not working out so you can lose weight more efficiently.
  • Strengthen individual muscle groups to improve body posture and lessen body pain including back pain.

  • Relax your body and improve your mental health through improved blood circulation and removal of metabolites to relieve anxiety or combat stress.

Feel Inspired by Feel Electric EMS

If just one 20-minute EMS session a week at Feel Electric studios equals a 2-hour HIIT session, what are you waiting for? There’s only one way to feel the true power of EMS training and that’s to try it for yourself! Book a Free EMS Trial Online to Tone, Firm and Lose Weight with EMS Training.