Lose Weight and Burn Body Fat Faster

Is this the year you get rid of the unwanted weight that you’ve been carrying? With Feel Electric EMS training you’ll see and feel fat shifting faster than with any conventional fitness methods.
Slim down without having to use invasive cosmetic treatments like liposuction with our ultra-effective EMS weight loss workouts. With just 20 minutes of Electro Muscle Stimulation fitness work every week you’ll quickly lose weight and tone your body the way you want. Achieve firmer muscles, a more shaped body, less cellulite, and better posture with low impact exercise led by personal trainers.
At Feel Electric weight loss studios you’ll build lean muscle and accelerate your metabolism using our fat loss programme based on scientific studies that delivers impressive results fast.

Slimming EMS Programme

You can put your trust in EMS training for weight loss because multiple scientific studies in over two decades have shown the effectiveness of Electro Muscle Stimulation training for weight loss. Using the latest EMS technology each Feel Electric session will activate over 90% of your muscle fibres and push your muscles more effectively than regular gym workouts so you lose weight quicker.
Just 20 minutes per week of low-impact EMS workouts with our expert PTs and you can expect significant decreases in waist circumference, abdominal obesity, subcutaneous fat mass, and body fat percentage. Your connective tissue will also be tightened so EMS can help deliver a smoother, more toned skin as well as decreasing cellulite so you look and feel slimmer. No wonder trainers for celebrities like Lizzo, Ashley Graham, Zac Efron, Chrissy Teigen, and Tom Holland encourage the use of EMS for weight loss and slimming. The first step towards losing weight is to find Feel Electric EMS.
Physiotherapists: Electro Muscle Stimulation has been used for decades by physios in general practice and by physiotherapists at the highest level of sports. Why? Simply because EMS physio treatment is the most effective way of focusing on specific muscle groups without worsening your injured muscles and joints or affecting your wellbeing. Feel Electric EMS physiotherapy using low-impact physical therapy workout routines also promotes healthy blood circulation which promotes nutrient transfer through your muscles to accelerate the recovery process further. Physios also use EMS physical therapy devices to correct muscle imbalances to help you recover from injury or surgery quicker without putting any strain on your muscles or joints.

Osteopaths: Osteopaths look at the balance and wellbeing of your body to make sure that your bones, muscles and joints are working effectively together. That’s why osteopaths love using EMS physio devices with their clients. Electro Muscle Stimulation physical therapy allow our Personal Trainers to target and activate all your key muscle groups making sure you strengthen your body in a healthy and consistent manner. EMS physiotherapy treatments at a Feel Electric clinic are low-impact and tailored to you so they never overstrain your joints and never overbalance your body making EMS physio a perfect healthcare treatment aid for osteopaths.

Chiropractors: Whatever sort of back pain or neck pain you’re suffering from EMS physio treatment is helpful in improving your health and wellbeing. Chiropractors, who focus on manipulating the spine, find EMS physical therapy technology particularly efficient in targeting the neck and back. Electro Muscle Stimulation physio at Feel Electric clinics massages the muscles in the affected areas up to 85 times a second to help relieve pain in the back or neck and provide real wellbeing. Chiropractors also use EMS physio treatments as physical therapy to strengthen the surrounding muscle groups and joints to help you avoid future injury and healthcare problems.

Lose Weight Faster

If you want heavy weight loss at light speed, you want EMS training at Feel Electric. Working with our knowledgeable EMS personal trainers you’ll only have to spend 20 minutes per week to build lean muscle and burn as many calories as a 2-hour HIIT session.
Training with Feel Electric studios will help you achieve the fat loss results you want without having to take hours out from your busy life to visit the gym. EMS training uses more muscle fibres than traditional gym workouts.
Our EMS training will raise your resting metabolic rate, reduce cellulite while toning and tightening slack muscles leading to impressive weight loss results. You’ll lose fat much faster with Feel Electric’s short, low-impact and highly efficient fat loss programme.

Forget the Gym, Try our Health Studios

When you want to lose weight, working out for hours lifting weights or pedalling on an exercise bike aren’t the most effective methods.
Try EMS training with Feel Electric and you’ll see and feel the weight shifting faster than with any conventional fitness methods. You won’t have to resort to invasive cosmetic treatments like liposuction or skin tightening either when you can enjoy our low-impact and premium Electro Muscle Stimulation treatment.
In just 20 minutes of EMS fitness work every week you can transform your weight loss programme and achieve toned muscles, a tighter tummy, less cellulite, and better posture.
16 KG in 6 Months after pregnancy

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Our EMS Programmes Include:
Weight Loss, Fat Burning, Slimming & Toning

Injury recovery, Pain Relief, Back and Joint, Muscle Strengthening, Mobility and Flexibility Improvements. 

Sports Performance:
Compete at a higher level then gym, weights or cardio training alone. EMS was designed for Astronauts and Professional Athletes around the world. 

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EMS Weight Loss

Feel Electric EMS Weight Loss programmes help you achieve the body shape you’ve always wanted through effective EMS fat burning. 1-2-1 EMS training helps your body burn fat faster, increasing muscle definition giving an overall more toned and slimming look when following our weight loss programme.

Burn Body Fat Fast

Our EMS weight loss programmes are designed to help you burn fat, build muscle slim down and tone up to look and feel fantastic.

1-2-1 Personal Training

All our EMS programmes including weight loss, fat loss, slimming and toning are delivered by a trained health professional.

Time Efficient EMS Treatments

A single 20 minute EMS Training session with a trained professional is the equivalent of 4 hours in the gym.

Health Assessment

When you visit, we provide you with a full body composition scan that is a medical grade health assessment completely free of charge. This is worth over £100 with other health providers.

How EMS Weight Loss Programmes Can Help Improve Your Health Fast

EMS Physical Therapy Programmes

Carrying too much excess weight can put a heavy health burden on your body. But when you’re overweight going to the gym can feel like an impossible journey.
With Feel Electric weight loss treatments though you never have to worry. You’ll work in 1-2-1 groups with our supportive body toning experts who know how to harness the fat burning properties of EMS technology in just 20 low impact minutes a week. Feel Electric health programmes deliver impressive weight loss results like:

Shape Your Body With EMS Training

EMS Weight Loss Programmes

EMS technology has been helping people lose weight effectively for over two decades. Based on multiple scientific studies Electro Muscle Stimulation sessions help you achieve weight loss results that you could never get in a conventional gym. A low impact workout of just 20 minutes a week delivers the type of fat burning activity that everyone’s hungry for. Each EMS weight loss session activates over 90% of your muscle fibres to add lean muscle more effectively while also stimulating your metabolism so you lose weight quicker. Lose weight fast without ever visiting the gym with Feel Electric EMS weight loss programmes

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EMS Weight Loss

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