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EMS Training is relatively new to the United Kingdom but huge in the US, Germany, France, South Africa and rising in other countries.

EMS is a 20 minute workout per session, all low impact routines so anyone can do it and you’ll find is one of the most efficient workouts you’ll ever take part in. A single 20 minute EMS workout delivers the equivalent of up to a 4 hour HIIT session in the gym when taking part in exercise classes.

All our EMS Gyms are supported by Personal Trainers who are there to deliver your Free EMS Trial and walk you through the health and fitness programmes we have available to help deliver your personal goals.

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Lose Weight with EMS Training

EMS Weight Loss Programmes

If you are looking to lose weight, give our Free Trial EMS training programme a go and see the results for yourself. You’ll find you feel “electric” and see results quickly, even after your first EMS training session and for up to 72 hours after it too.

Because EMS Training delivers a full body workout every time you take part, unlike any other gym fitness workouts where you must do different routines time and time again to achieve similar results. An EMS workout is a fully body workout that targets individual areas of the body which you is only a 20 minute session each week as a minimum. The EMS session targets more muscle and muscle groups to help you lose weight and slim down.

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Tone and Firm Your Body with EMS Training

EMS Body Toning Programmes

Have you ever thought I’d like to be a little more toned here or there when looking at your body in a mirror? If yes, EMS Training is a great way to target those areas of the body that tradition gym workouts take a lot of effort to achieve similar results.

To achieve more definition in your arms, abs and chest to name a few places EMS training is perfect when completing a 20 minute low impact routine anyone can do.

EMS Body Toning works by focusing on the areas of the body you want to see results and a training programme with a Personal Trainer to help you achieve those results fast without all the effort of going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week minimum. EMS is used by professional athletes and celebrities worldwide.

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How EMS Training Works

EMS Training Programmes

EMS training achieves visible results by contracting muscles up to 85 times per second, unlike a gym where you have to do multiple repetitions to achieve similar results over a longer period of time.  EMS stands for Electro Muscle Stimulation and trust us this doesn’t hurt, a benefit of the EMS technology Feel Electric uses is all our equipment is medically certified.

Also included in your Free EMS Trial is a Feel Electric Health Check which is a full body composition analyser. Using this device helps our Personal Trainers to provide guidance on your health and fitness journey in just 60 seconds. Plus as an EMS Training member you will also have access to all your body composition data in the Feel Electric Members area.

Try EMS Training For Free at Feel Electric

EMS Health Treatments

EMS Weight Loss

When you want to lose weight, working out for hours lifting weights or pedalling on an exercise bike aren’t the most effective methods. Try EMS training with Feel Electric and you’ll see and feel the weight shifting faster than with any conventional fitness methods. You won’t have…

EMS Training

Feel well inside and out when you try Electro Muscle Stimulation training with Feel Electric studios. In an EMS session of only 20 minutes a week you’ll start to transform your physical fitness and mental health for good. You’ll feel fitter with improved strength, speed, endurance, and increased…

EMS Body Toning

Build a more toned physique using effective EMS body firming treatments at Feel Electric. See visible results of a firm body quicker with Electro Muscle Stimulation training. EMS can target the deep muscle layers that are hard to reach with conventional fitness workouts, so you get the maximum toning…

EMS Menopause

Feel Electric EMS Menopause Treatments provide an innovative and natural health transformation for menopausal women who want help dealing with the difficult symptoms of menopause. EMS can help relieve: Anxiety, Depression, Menopausal weight gain, Low energy, pain…

EMS Physiotherapy

EMS physio treatment at Feel Electric clinics delivers pain relief and injury recovery that works fast. Whether you’re hurting after surgery or suffering from long-term lower back pain, Electro Muscle Stimulation physiotherapy will accelerate your recovery. Healthcare physios…

EMS Injury Rehabilitation

When you’re recovering from an injury, it can sometimes feel impossible to find low impact exercises that help you recover but don’t aggravate your injury. With Feel Electric EMS however you can get back into exercise safely using the latest Electro Muscle Stimulation…

EMS Back Pain Relief

Feel Electric EMS physiotherapy sessions will strengthen your back muscles to deal with existing back pain and help prevent future pains in your back. Repair weak back muscles while adding lean muscle in the upper and lower back areas while strengthening supporting muscle…