Effective Sciatica Pain Relief EMS Treatment

Sciatica Pain Treatment with EMS Technology

Sciatica back pain can be debilitating but recovery from sciatica is easier and quicker with Feel Electric EMS treatments. Electro Muscular Stimulation exercise is low impact and helps get you moving and keeps you moving even when you’re suffering from severe sciatic nerve pain. The sciatica treatment programmes at Feel Electric EMS physical therapy clinics help relieve your sciatic pain and speed up your recovery faster.

Sciatica pain can range from mild aching to burning agony and is caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve which branches from your lower back through your hips and glutes and down both legs. Sciatic nerve pain can be caused by factors like age, obesity or simply because you’re living a sedentary life. 

At Feel Electric treatment clinics our expert Personal Trainers can create tailored and low impact EMS programmes that provide pain relief for sciatica but also strengthen your back muscles to prevent sciatica in the future. Get back on your feet and put sciatica pain behind you with Feel Electric EMS physical therapy.

EMS Scientific Sciatica Pain Relief

There is considerable scientific evidence showing just how effective Electro Muscular Stimulation treatment is in relieving back pain like sciatica. Recent studies have revealed that one EMS physio session per week helps reduce lower back pain intensity by an average of 87% while also cutting lower back pain frequency by 64%.

 Over six months, EMS physical therapy treatments led to an increase of over 15% in lower back extensor strength and in maximum isometric strength in back muscles. Feel Electric EMS sciatica programmes combine Pilates-style movements sciatica exercises with safe electrical pulses that activate all of your back muscles to reduce sciatica pain. 

EMS sciatica treatments are highly effective at building strength in weak and injured back muscles without putting any strain on your joints and muscles. For a safe and science-backed method of relieving sciatic nerve pain, EMS physiotherapy training at Feel Electric clinics is the smart solution.

How Smart EMS Treatment Reduces Sciatica Pain

When you’re trying to recover from a bout of sciatica, you want to build your health back up without worsening your pain. For the long-term improvement of sciatica, it’s important too to strengthen your back muscles and associated muscle groups. 

That’s why the EMS physio treatments at Feel Electric clinics are perfect for providing relief for sciatica pain in the shorter and longer term. Our exercises for sciatica enhance your spinal strength, improve your flexibility, and widen your range of motion through low impact and safe physical therapy. 

Feel Electric EMS sciatica pain relief programmes activate over 90% of your muscle fibres and promote oxygenated blood flow which accelerates muscle repair. Speed up your recovery from sciatica with gentle EMS treatments for sciatic nerve pain.

Prevent Sciatica with EMS Treatment Clinics

Not only is it important to exercise regularly when you have sciatic nerve pain, working out is vital to stop sciatica coming back. 

Thanks to the low impact nature of Feel Electric EMS back treatments you can get back to full health without putting any strain on your body. Our EMS exercises for sciatica pain relief will ensure your existing back muscles don’t waste away due to lack of activity. 

You’ll add lean muscle in your lower back as well as in important connected areas like your glutes to help prevent future sciatic pain. Our EMS physical therapy workouts will help improve your posture for sitting and standing so you further reduce the chances of getting sciatica again. Relieve sciatic nerve pain without having to take medication with Feel Electric’s EMS sciatica treatment clinics.

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