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When you want to lose weight, working out for hours lifting weights or pedalling on an exercise bike aren’t the most effective methods. Try EMS training with Feel Electric and you’ll see and feel the weight shifting faster than with any conventional fitness methods. You won’t have to resort to invasive cosmetic treatments like liposuction or skin tightening either when you can enjoy our low-impact and premium Electro Muscle Stimulation treatment. In just 20 minutes of EMS fitness work every week you can transform your weight loss programme and achieve toned muscles, a tighter tummy, less cellulite, and better posture.


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Want your pre-baby body back? Want to attack that unshakeable belly fat? At Feel Electric you’ll be able to build lean muscle and accelerate your metabolism using a safe fat loss programme underpinned by the latest fitness science. For a time-efficient way of losing weight that works for every fitness level and every age, all you need is Feel Electric EMS.

Why EMS Works so Effectively for Weight Loss

With Feel Electric EMS training you’ll burn fat in a safe 1-2-1 and 1-2-2 studio environment. Using the latest German Electro Muscle Stimulation technology from Miha bodytec each EMS session will activate over 90% of your muscle fibres. That means EMS workouts push your muscles much harder than regular workouts to help you lose weight faster. Multiple scientific studies have shown the amazing effectiveness of EMS training for weight loss.

Low-impact EMS workouts result in significant decreases in waist circumference, abdominal obesity, subcutaneous fat mass, and body fat percentage. The Metabolism programme on the Feel Electric EMS device also helps raise your BMR (basal metabolic rate) so you burn calories even when you’re resting.

Tightening of your connective tissue also occurs as you activate your muscles during an EMS session delivering a smoother, more toned skin as well as decreasing cellulite.

At Feel Electric EMS you’ll soon see and feel a change in your body shape no matter your fitness level or their age without having to resort to invasive cosmetic procedures. The first step towards positive fat loss is to try Feel Electric EMS.

EMS is Famous for Delivering Weight Loss

Celebrities like Madonna, Elizabeth Hurley, Heidi Klum, Poppy Delevingne, Rita Ora, and Jamie Foxx need to look their slimmest all the time. Lean and fit-looking bodies are vital for their careers so no wonder they love the efficiency and time-effectiveness of EMS training so much.

As the go-to fitness method for Victoria Secret models, electro muscle stimulation helps deliver toned and firm bodies in the least amount of time possible.

If you want to lose weight or keep the weight off like Spider-Man actor Tom Holland or like a lingerie model like Alessandra Ambrosio, then you want Feel Electric EMS training.

Weight Loss Results at Light Speed

Preparing for a wedding? Want a low-impact way to work off that post-natal fat? Feeling self-conscious about working out in a gym environment but still want the best weight loss results? Try an EMS training session in our Feel Electric studios and see terrific body toning results no matter how busy you are. An EMS workout of just 20 minutes is perfect for building lean muscle, burning calories and even for training your pelvic floor.

Training with Feel Electric studios will help you achieve the fat loss results you want without having to take hours out from your busy life. EMS workouts delivers the best results whether you’re a famous celebrity or a valued Feel Electric member.

Time-Efficient Weight Loss with EMS

Training with Feel Electric studios will help you achieve the fat loss results you’ve always wanted. You’ll build more lean muscle and burn more calories than conventional fitness methods no matter your current fitness level or your age.

All you have to do is try our low-impact EMS training once to see exactly why just 20 minutes a week can help transform your weight loss programme. Book a free trial session today and start to shed pounds with Feel Electric EMS.


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Feel Inspired by Feel Electric EMS

If just one 20-minute EMS session a week at Feel Electric studios equals a 2-hour HIIT session, what are you waiting for? There’s only one way to feel the true power of EMS training and that’s to try it for yourself! Book a Free EMS Trial Online to Tone, Firm and Lose Weight with EMS Training.