EMS Rehabilitation Training: Improve Hip Mobility

Hip Mobility EMS Training Feel Electric

EMS Rehabilitation Training: Improve Hip Mobility

Having weak hips can significantly impact your mobility and daily activities. Reduced activity due to hip arthritis can lead to weaker hip joints and worsen symptoms. Additionally, weakness and atrophy of the tendons can further decrease hip mobility. At Feel Electric, we understand the importance of addressing hip mobility issues and offer a specialized Rehabilitation programme using EMS training. This programme utilizes innovative technology to target deep muscle tissues and strengthen them through efficient contractions. By building muscle and improving mobility in the hip joint, our Rehabilitation programme can help you regain your hip mobility and enhance your overall quality of life.

1. Hip Weakness and Reduced Activity

Weakness in the hip is often a result of reduced activity. Hip problems can be caused by things such as hip arthritis may cause you to move less due to pain, which makes the joint even weaker and worsens symptoms. This can severely reduce mobility in the hip joints.

Your hip mobility might further be reduced by weakness and atrophy of the tendons. This can make it difficult to move your hips freely and can limit your range of motion.

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2. Strengthening Hip Muscles with Feel Electric EMS Training

With Feel Electric EMS training, our Rehabilitation programme is specifically designed to penetrate into the deep tissues of the muscle, strengthening it through exceptionally efficient contractions. These contractions build muscle and allow for greater mobility in the hip joint.

3. Low Impact Exercises and Engaging Tendons

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Further, the Feel Electric Rehabilitation programme offers a low-impact exercise alongside the targeted impulses. Through these low-impact exercises, you actually begin re-using the affected joints and tendons, strengthening them by proxy as the impulses work on the muscles. This helps prevent atrophy and promotes hypertrophy in the muscles, leading to a much improved range of movement and ultimately regaining your hip mobility.

In conclusion, if you’re experiencing hip weakness and reduced mobility, Feel Electric’s Rehabilitation programme can be a game-changer. Through efficient contractions and low-impact exercises, we help strengthen your hip muscles and engage your tendons, leading to improved hip mobility and range of movement. Don’t let hip mobility issues hold you back. Take advantage of our Free Trial and Order Yours Online with no commitment. Feel Electric is here to focus on your health goals, providing EMS Training, Nutrition guidance, and full body composition analysis to help you achieve optimal results.