Start 2022 Electric! Free EMS Trials Available Online

Start 2022 Electric! Free EMS Trials Available Online

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85% More Effective Than a Gym Workout.

EMS is a fast fitness routine to tone and firm your body.
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Visible Results in 6 Weeks.

Why Feel Electric EMS.

  • Visible Results in 6 Weeks
  • Low Impact Fitness, Anyone can do it
  • Full Body Workout
  • Personal Trainer Led Sessions
  • Activates 98% of Muscle Fibres
  • Includes Weight Loss and Slimming Programs 
  • All in Just One 20 Minute Workout Per Week
  • Scientifically Proven Results
  • Fitness Techniques Used by Pro Athletes & Celebrities
  • 85% More Effective Than Gym Workouts


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