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Face to Face and 1-2-1 health support is always on hand at Feel Electric to help you achieve your health results when taking part in any of our health programmes.
  • One on your health goals to lose weight and slim down?
  • Want to tone and firm your body, reducing skin sag and cellulite?
  • You don’t like large open gyms?
  • Want health results without visiting the gym for 4+ hours per week?
Then you should try our scientifically-proven low-impact EMS health programmes and treatments available at Feel Electric. Maximise your time with a simple to do 20 minute EMS programme once or twice a week in our boutique EMS studios. Get health and fitness results without visiting your local gym for hours a week.

Our EMS training programmes deliver equivalent results to to a 4-hour visit to the local gym. You’ll quickly look and feel fitter with our EMS gym workouts.

Enjoy health results at Feel Electric you can with improved strength, speed, endurance, and increased power thanks to the Electro Muscle Stimulation of up to 90% of your muscle fibres including those deep-lying muscles that conventional gym workouts can’t reach.

Tone your body and lose weight whether you’re already a dedicated gym goer or really don’t enjoy spending time at the gym. EMS helps you achieve the health and fitness results you want without having to spend hours on the treadmill or lifting weights in your local gym.

Free Trial EMS Health Programmes

Transform Programme

Our Weight Loss EMS Training Programme is design to help members lose weight, slim down and tone up through a series of 1-2-1 and Face to Face EMS Training sessions delivered by qualified Personal Trainers.  Try our no commitment EMS Free Trial at any of our Boutique Feel Electric health studios.
The Transform Programme will have you slimmer, fitter, stronger, quicker in just a single 20 minute EMS Training workout. Follow our low impact  routine, a specially designed EMS Transform Programme by Feel Electric to help you lose weight, tone and firm up your body. Age is no limiting factor with EMS, whether you are aged 18 or 90, anyone can follow our low impact EMS Health Programmes to see and feel the results.
We make losing weight a simpler process through weekly 1-2-1 and face to face appointment only sessions in our boutique studios with support from a dedicated Personal Trainer. All EMS Health Programmes  are tailored to your individual goals, so you achieve your body transformation with ongoing 1-2-1 support. The Transform Programme has impressive fat and weight loss results including skin tightening and reduced cellulite.
Find your local Feel Electric EMS training studio near you. Experience the evolution of Health and Fitness, Enjoy a Free Trial on us, with No Commitment to join. Lose Weight, Slim Down and Tone Up with our EMS Transform Programmes near you.

Rehabilitation Programme

Injury rehabilitation can be a lonely process but you’ve never on your own with Feel Electric’s Rehabilitation Programme. We provide a welcoming and safe environment to support your individual recovery from injury with professional 1-2-1 support from a Trainer.
The Rehabilitation Programme is designed to help you recover from muscle and joint related injuries, such as back pain, stroke, Musculoskeletal (MSK) and general mobility issues. This health programme is designed to rebuild muscle strength in deep muscle tissue layers that conventional treatments and training can’t reach.
EMS rehabilitation sessions are specially designed to help you regain muscle strength and endurance, improve flexibility and mobility without aggravating your injury further. Our Low impact EMS Rehabilitation Programme doesn’t just speed up recovery from injury but also provides focused pain relief and stops you adding bad posture to your injury issues.
Find your local Feel Electric EMS training studio near you. Book Online to Try a Free Trial on us, with No Commitment to join. Increase your muscle strength, become more mobile and flexible with our specially designed EMS Rehabilitation Training Programmes near you.

Sports Performance Programme

Looking to gain an extra competitive edge? Want better sports performance but don’t have the time to spend hours in the gym? What you need is the Feel Electric Sports Performance Programme.
More effective than gym conventional training, with our EMS Sports Performance programme  you’ll perform better, be stronger and get faster. In just 20 minutes a week of low impact highly efficient training you’ll achieve the sporting results you want whether you play football or golf, whether you’re an athlete or an amateur player.
Our science-based EMS Sports Performance Programme will help you improve your speed, agility, strength, posture plus enjoy improved power, muscle endurance and core strength. Our low-impact EMS training workouts also allow you to get back to training faster so you can accelerate your recovery from sports injury.
Find your local Feel Electric EMS training studio near you. Try a EMS Free Trial on us, with No Commitment to join. Improve your strength, core, fitness and game with Feel Electric Boutique Heath Studios and choose the right Programme for you.

Simple & Efficient Health Results

If you could achieve your fitness aims and goals in half the time of joining a gym with just one workout a week, wouldn’t you try it? EMS gym training saves you hours by delivering fitness results in a focused and time-efficient way in just 20 minutes a week. Remember we offer Face to Face and 1-2-1 health support in our studios.
Working out in our EMS gym takes only a fraction of the time that you’d normally have to spend in your local conventional gym but delivers 100% of the same results for weight loss, toning, firming, sculpting and fitness. As Electro Muscle Stimulation training is low impact you won’t have to take time off to recover from any injuries incurred in the gym. You’ll also feel an improvement in your mental wellbeing through effective exercise without having to spend hours queuing for weight machines in the gym.
Build a more toned physique using effective EMS fitness exercises at Feel Electric studios. Just one weekly 1-2-1 EMS workout with our expert personal trainers will activate over 90% of your muscle fibres compared to less than 30% in a normal gym. EMS can target the deep muscle layers that are hard to reach with conventional gym workouts, so you get the maximum toning effect from every session. The improvements in the circulation of the muscular and connective tissues stimulated by EMS gym training can also lead to firmer and more toned skin. Even if you still love going to the traditional gym, you’ll find the toning, firming and weight loss results that Electro Muscle Stimulation training provides allows you more spare time to do the other things that you enjoy doing.

Slimmer, Fitter, Stronger, Quicker

Raise your fitness to a higher level with EMS gym training. Create a stronger body and mind through low impact EMS sessions as you improve your health and fitness in just 20 minutes a week. EMS training at Feel Electric helps you build strength, burn calories, and increase explosiveness fast and effectively no matter your current fitness level. Whether you’re a toned celebrity, professional athlete or just starting out on your fitness journey, you’ll achieve the impressive health and fitness results with Face to Face and 1-2-1 support from the Feel Electric team.

Recover Faster with EMS

If you’re recovering from injury, Electro Muscle Stimulation is perfect for providing safe, low impact but highly efficient exercise to help you regain your fitness and your strength. EMS has been a part of professional sport for decades with teams like Bayern Munich using it both as a rehabilitation tool and to improve speed, explosiveness as well as maximal and dynamic strength. Our expert team deliver Face to Face and 1-2-1 health support will give you guidance to make the most of our health programmes to deliver the results you want to achieve. Give your recovery a real edge over normal gyms with EMS treatments.

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