Welcome to Feel Electric, Brawn Founder: Sohail

Welcome to Feel Electric, Brawn Founder: Sohail

Founder and CEO of Brawn, the revolutionary UK Gym Companion app, former power lifting UK champion and philanthropic charity fundraiser Sohail Rashid attended our Feel Electric Studios in Roundhay this week to try out our Body Scan Technology and enjoy a Feel Electric Full Body EMS Training Session. In a 20 minute workout with our national head of training Sam, Sohail excelled and by the end of it the man himself was “feeling electric.”

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome Sohail to Feel Electric this week. Brawn Power, and Feel Electric share an ethos of making the world a healthier, fitter and happier place and one of the ways we do that is through bridging the gap between the public and the places they exercise. At Feel Electric we’re passionate about the relationships our trainers build with our members, just as Sohail and the team at Brawn are passionate about bridging that same gap between gym members, personal trainers and the gym operators.

Brawn offers a digital platform designed to enhance the strength training experience within gyms. This platform aims to increase engagement and retention by bridging the gap between personal training and group classes through Digital Integration, by providing a seamless app that connects gym members with their gym’s community, personal trainers, and a variety of challenges and guided workouts. There’s no need for additional hardware or wearables, making it easy to implement and use​.

Brawn Power aims to make strength training more inclusive and accessible by creating a strong community within gyms. Events, challenges, communication and data insights make it easy for Brawn to foster accessibility within the strength training and fitness space. Brawn are partnering with major gym brands across the UK and Europe to deliver a comprehensive, tech-enabled fitness experience​

As a Health Technology Company, Feel Electric are at the cutting edge of health and fitness training through a holistic approach to health. With EMS training, Nutritional Advice and a data led approach to tracking results through Feel Electric Body Scanners, anyone, from any background, can work towards their health and fitness goals in a safe, comfortable and personal environment.

With a data led approach, from a user friendly customer interface you can see how each element of Feel Electric’s offering interacts with one another. Track weight loss from the EMS training exercises, alongside viewing your calorie intake from our nutrition meal planner and compare it to the data from our body scanner to get a full, rounded, view of your health information and body composition.

Sohail experienced and enjoyed this holistic view at Feel Electric as you can see below. We hope many many more of you will too. Find out more by visiting: https://feel-electric.com/ems/free-trial/