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Mobility Results, Vicky 71, Keeping up with Grandchildren, Sleeping Better.

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Lost 8 KG, Kim 36, Lifted Bum, Slimmer Waist, Fitting Into Old Clothes

Sleeping Better, Vicky 71, Keeping Firm, Getting Compliments

Dropped A Dress Size, Faye 46, Springing Out Of Bed, Toned Bum

New Personal Best In Running, Natalie 26, Abs, Glutes, Reaching Goals

Super Time Efficient, Lea 25, Better Mood, Saw Results Fast

Feeling Electric, Scarlette 27, Weight Loss Results, Better Than The Gym

Award Winning Artist & So Solid Crew Member Lisa Maffia Feels Electric!

Award Winning UKG & R N' B Artist Kele Le Roc, Loves Feeling Electric!

Hip Pain Improvement Post Replacement, Adam 41, Great Physio Alternative

EMS Health Treatments

EMS Back Pain Relief

Our specially designed EMS programmes deliver similar results to physiotherapy sessions. EMS will strengthen your back muscles to dealing with existing back pain and help prevent…

EMS Alternative to Physiotherapy

EMS Training is a great alternative to physio treatment at Feel Electric health studios. Our EMS programmes deliver pain relief and injury recovery that works fast. Whether you’re hurting …

EMS Weight Loss

When you want to lose weight, working out for hours lifting weights or pedalling on an exercise bike aren’t the most effective …

EMS Body Toning

Build a more toned physique using effective EMS body firming treatments at Feel Electric. See visible results of a firm …

EMS Menopause

Feel Electric EMS Menopause Treatments provide an innovative and natural health transformation for menopausal women …

EMS Injury Rehabilitation

When you’re recovering from an injury, it can sometimes feel impossible to find low impact exercises that help you…

EMS Training

Feel well inside and out when you try Electro Muscle Stimulation training with Feel Electric studios. In an EMS session of only 20 ..

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If just one 20-minute EMS session a week at Feel Electric studios equals a 2-hour HIIT session, what are you waiting for? There’s only one way to feel the true power of EMS training and that’s to try it for yourself! Book a Free EMS Trial Online to Tone, Firm and Lose Weight with EMS Training.